Gaja At A Glance

GAJA is a dynamic and forward-thinking company dedicated to generating and elevating value for all stakeholders through its integrated and enterprising approach. We are committed to fostering a collaborative and synergistic culture, continually striving to exceed expectations. As a trusted partner, we specialize in delivering comprehensive project solutions for renowned organizations across India. Our expertise and capabilities position us as the preferred choice for end-to-end project execution.

Our projects follow a systematic and methodical progression, ensuring efficient and effective outcomes. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet deadlines, maintain exceptional quality standards. These factors have contributed significantly to our reputation and instilled confidence in the market.

At present, GAJA is primarily focused on the following segments:

Team Gaja: A company’s true strength lies in its people

GAJA boasts a robust team comprising more than 450 highly skilled Construction Managers, Engineers, and Supervisors. Supported by cutting-edge construction equipment and a technologically advanced work environment, our workforce is well-equipped to tackle diverse projects.

Each of our managers brings an impressive background, with over 25 years of in-depth and extensive experience in the construction industry. Their expertise spans various areas, including Water and Irrigation projects, electrical substation/works, pipeline works, and residential/building structures. This broad work exposure highlights their versatility and ability to excel in different construction domains.

With this wealth of knowledge and experience, GAJA is well-prepared to handle a wide range of construction projects efficiently and deliver exceptional results. Our clients can trust in our team’s capabilities to execute projects effectively.

Our Managing Director

Mr. V.V.R. Raju is a highly experienced Chartered Accountant with a career spanning three decades. Throughout his career, he has held senior management positions in prominent business conglomerates, gaining expertise in corporate finance and business operations. His experience encompasses various sectors, with a particular focus on cement, chemicals, and infrastructure.

His notable achievements include completion of several significant projects in build-operate-transfer mode (BOT), Roads (EPC), 100 MW hydel power plant, 1320 MW thermal power plant, among others.

Since 2015, Mr. V.V.R. Raju has been leading Gaja. In its very first year of business operations under his guidance, GAJA secured orders worth Rs. 2,000 crore, highlighting his strong business acumen and ability to drive success.

With his extensive experience, Mr. V.V.R. Raju brings valuable insights and strategic leadership to GAJA, contributing to the company’s growth and development.

To be one among the most admired and professionally managed infrastructure companies of the nation.

1 (9)At Gaja, we aspire to become the first choice of our customers, by providing superior quality and timely completion of projects. We aim to continually grow in terms of manpower, skills, technology & productivity. Our workforce is our strength & we ensure an adherence to safety norms to keep accidents to a minimum. We understand our responsibility towards the environment & work towards supporting sustainability in each project we undertake.

At Gaja, to achieve our vision and grow the business profitably we will focus on the following:

  1. Flawless execution of projects with a focus on timely completion and meeting all quality norms
  2. Leverage technology across all business processes to improve efficiency and speed of doing things
  3. Building a talented workforce that can meet the high standards we demand of them
  4. Strive to ensure safe working practices at sites for all our associates to ensure their wellness
  5. Take our responsibility seriously toward protecting our environment by using sustainable practices in all our projects and meet all norms

Our Growth

Back in 2015, our venture took off with a small but determined team. Through persistent effort, we have witnessed steady growth, today; we proudly stand as an organization with a workforce of 450 talented individuals. Our exceptional financial record of accomplishment demonstrates our ability to grow the business in a prudent manner.